Taipei, Taiwan

Complex city structure in Taipei – 13 leakages detectedtaipei-taiwan

In 2014, Leif Koch, DHI, and Ramböll partnered with the Taipei Office of the Trade Council of Denmark and the Taiwan Water Corporation for a pilot project to reduce water loss in Taiwan. These organizations sent a team of leakage engineers and operators to work at a test site on Chijin Island.

Leif Koch trained Taiwan Water Corporation staff in advanced leak detection methods and instruments so that the local Taiwanese staff could continue using Leif Koch’s strategies after the pilot project’s completion. In only one week, Leif Koch operators and Taiwan Water Corporation staff found 13 leaks on the test site’s pipeline system. Once these leaks were repaired, non revenue water was significantly reduced on the test site’s water network. Leif Koch was proud to participate in this successful partnership, and contribute to the reduction of non revenue water in Taiwan.

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