Qaqortoq, Greenland

Using Alternative Methods in Greenland

In 2012, Leif Koch A/S had the honor of performing leakage detection as well as being witness to the repairing process. At the time, Nukissiorfiit Qaqortoq lost 5-7 m3 of water each day on their district heating plant. Unfortunately, nature of the pipes made it impossible to find the leaks without the use of alternative methods, which is why the supply company decided to contact Leif Koch A/S.
Our evaluation showed that trace gas was the best solution to the issue, since it was a district heating plant, and the leaks would therefore be near impossible to hear. Our experienced Leakage Operator, Jan Jørgensen, was then sent a week to Greenland tasked with tracking down the leaks.
Though quite different, from what he usually works with, Jan found an effective way to sectionize the water distribution network using water meters and located almost (if not) all the leaks within it. The two leaks themselves span from a whopping 180 l/min to a mere 0,5 l/h. According to Jan, working in Greenland was both pleasant, interesting and challenging. In an interview after coming back to Denmark, he said:
“It was just a wonderful experience. (…). The cars that couldn’t get past just turned around and drove another way without complaining. At the same time, a cruise ship has just arrived to the city so there was no shortage of spectators for the excavation work. “.
The week ended with an educational course in our methods, founded in Jan’s more than fifty years as a Leakage Operator.